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Web Scanner Alerts

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  • These alerts are NOT trade recommendations. They are merely a notification that you may want to go to your charts and check if a new harmonic pattern painted on the iMarketsLive Harmonic Web Scanner.
  • Adam Veshecco, MasterTheFX.com, and any/all third party services/providers are not liable for any trades taken, not taken, or missed based on these alerts.
  • Adam Veshecco, MasterTheFX.com, and any/all third party services/providers are not liable for any alerts that are missed. Our goal is to broadcast as many of the provided alerts as possible.
  • Alerts are provided by a third party service, iMarketsLive. Should the alert provider have any issues providing alerts it will impact our ability to share those alerts with our users.
  • Alerts will only be provided when the Forex market is open.
  • Standard operating procedures. Alerts are based on the iMarketsLive MT4 Harmonic Scanner currently utilizing the Trader's Way data feed. Alerts will then be broadcast in the Telegram channel. A user can then go to the Web Scanner to review the Harmonic Pattern and perform their trade analysis.  Sometimes MT4 and the Web Scanner will produce different patterns, while infrequent, it will happen from time to time.


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